Questions & Answers About FBC

If you have never been to Family Bible Church  (FBC), you may have a few questions in mind. While we cannot possibly anticipate every question a person might ask, we hope to answer the most frequently asked questions of people looking to visit.

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What type of Church is FBC?

Family Bible Church is an Independent, Bible-believing, Bible-teaching, Bible-living Church where Jesus is preeminent, people are loved, and the gospel of grace is center-stage! If you are looking for a friendly, healthy, dynamic local church—you’re going to love growing in God’s grace with us. We are not a member of any council, convention, or national organization that would exercise authority over the local church. Our Doctrinal Statement can be found by clicking here.


Which version of the Bible is used at FBC?
The King James Bible is the only version of the Bible we use.  The KJV is the only Version we read, study, and preach from!  (Psalm 12:6, 7 119:160; John 12:43; II Timothy 3:16, 17; II Peter 1:19, 21)


Can I use my cell phone or tablet for Scripture reading?

Many may ask if they need to bring a Bible to church. Some may even want to use their iPad or smartphone. You are welcome to use whatever you would like when reading the Bible. If you don't have a Bible, come anyway and we will be happy to give you one that you can call your own.


What style of music do you have?
At this time we do not have musicians that have the ability to play during our services.  As of now, we use accompaniment mp3 tracts for worship.  We worship with traditional and southern gospel styles of music. 


Is there a certain dress code to attend services?
At ABC, we do have a dress code with two rules:


  1. Wear something.

  2. Make sure you are modest.

The members of our congregation usually dress business casual. Only on rare occasions does the Pastor wear a tie.  Our philosophy is that it's possible to be closer to God in a dirty pair of jeans than in a three-piece suit!


Are my children welcomed in the Church services?
People of all ages are welcomed in our services.  Pastor and Mrs. Hudson have two small children, and they remain in the services.  Our philosophy is that the sound of a child in our services is a sign of life in the church.


How long do the services last?
Our services usually last about an hour.  However, we firmly believe the services belong to God, and we allow Him to guide and direct every aspect of our services.


Do I have to give money during offering time?

Though our church family gives, as our guest, please do not feel obligated to give when the offering plate is passed. If you feel the need to give, you may do so, but the offering time is for our members to give their weekly tithes and offerings. There is absolutely no pressure for you to give. We only ask that you complete a Contact Card and drop it in when the plate is passed.


How can I donate to help in keeping the Church going?

From the bottom of our hearts, we want to that you for your generosity. There are three ways you can donate to help with the expenses of FBC:


  1. In person with cash or check

  2. Online

  3. Check by mail