Physical Location:

2104 Trimble RD

Edgewood, MD 21040

Where We Meet:

There are two buildings on the 4-acre property. 


All services are held in the front building. There is plenty of parking to the sides and also behind the larger building to the rear of the property.

Sunday services are located in the lower (right side) of the building at the front of the property. As you make way through the door you enter our Welcome Area. On the right are our Children's Meeting and Social Area. We also have a spacious Nursing/Quiet Room as needed. On the left side of the building is our designated Worship Sanctuary. There are also two single-person bathrooms. 

Our Wednesday evening services are held in the upper part of the building at the front of the property. You can enter either door on the backside of the building. The upper floor is our Acquaintance Area. Our Acquaintance Area includes our Café/Social/Bible Study Area, the Learning & Social Area for youth, a spacious bathroom, and our offices.

Our entire facility is wheelchair friendly. If you need other accommodations or assistance do not hesitate to reach out to us. 


Current Service Times:

Sunday Morning  11 AM (lower of the building at the front of the property; Children's Activities Provided)

Wednesday 6:30 PM (Acquaintance Area)


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