Pastor Johnny Hudson, Th.D.

Johnny Hudson was born September 30, 1977 without arms, his left leg, and half of his right leg. His right foot was where the knee would be. After he was born, the doctors took him away and recommended his parents sign him over to the state as he would not live a ‘normal’ life. Instead, his parents kept him and raised him.


His parents raised him no different than his older sister, Rebecca. Despite the opinions of the doctors, by age 4, he was picking up skills like taking notes and flipping through a book with his foot. God even gave him the ability to climb up the stairs.

God did the greatest work in Johnny's life on October 4, 1995. During a week-long revival, Johnny accepted Christ as his personal Saviour, and surrendered to preach God's Word. Johnny then went to Northeast Baptist School of Theology where he earned a Bachelor's degree, double majoring in the Bible and Pastoral Theology. After graduating with his degree, God opened the door for him to start preaching all over the country as an Evangelist. A few years later he graduated seminary with his Master's and then an earned Doctorate.


In July of 2009 God brought he and his wife, Rachel, together in holy matrimony. Two years later God gave them a son named Joseph Daniel (JD) Hudson. Three and a half years later God added to their family again by giving them their 2nd boy Alexander (Alex) David Hudson.

God, in many different ways, showed the Hudson family it was time to transition from being a traveling Evangelist to being the Pastor of a church. In February of 2017 Johnny surrendered himself to start a Church in an area in great need of the gospel, Edgewood, MD. He is tremendously honoured and humbled to be used of God to serve and minister in the same town he was born and raised.

Pastor Hudson has overcome so many obstacles in his life. From small things like learning how to use his foot like a hand and climbing up and down the stairs, to getting married, having children, and even driving a vehicle. Johnny realizes that he can use the lessons God has shown him while accomplishing these tasks to teach others how to follow and trust our loving and Holy God.